New Project Proposal

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New project proposal is a document which solidifies the requirement of newly planned project. The document should clearly mention the objectives and scope of the project as well. It should be so constructed that it must have all possible answer that an intended person will look for.

Sample New Project Proposal

Project on Managing Household Waste

Project proposal presented by: Department of Waste Management Technology

University of Texas

Project proposal presented for: Government of Unites States of America

Date of presenting the proposal: 6th July 2011

Objective of the proposal:

The objective behind presenting the project proposal of “Managing Household Waste” to the honorable Government of United States of America is to notify about our project and for requesting to provide aid for making it successful.

Project plan to be executed:

Waste is turning out to be a menace of our lives. Everyday tons of household wastes are generated which we just throw out without giving a single thought of how to utilize it in a better way.  Household is around 45% of the entire waste which is being accumulated every day. Therefore we have come up with few plans which would help to control the household waste.

  • Utilizing the vegetable peels (mainly starch containing peels) for generating bio-degradable plastics.
  • Utilizing waste papers for making fermentable sugar
  • Utilizing egg shells as nutrient for plants

Estimated Budget: $45000 approximately

Timeline for implementing the project successfully: Maximum 14 months

Last date of proposal acceptance: 20th July 2011

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