Pharmacy Business Plan Proposal

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A pharmacy business plan proposal is a kind of a formal document which is framed by the higher authorities of a pharmacy company. This document lays down the important details of a business plan which is going to be executed in the future and is up for confirmation from the owner of the business.

These proposals are used to weight the feasibility and practicality of the business plan and are extremely useful for every business enterprise. For your reference, the following is a detailed sample of a pharmacy business plan proposal.

Sample Pharmacy Business Plan Proposal

Name of the business firm: Jackson pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Official address: E-90, first floor, Kell Street, London, United Kingdom

Business Plan Proposal prepared on: 10th March 2014

Proposal prepared by: Fredrick Parkson

Team leader,

Research and Development department

Jackson Pharma Manufacturers

Proposal submitted on: 15th March 2014

Proposal signed and approved by: Billy Jeans

Managing Director

Jackson Pharma Manufacturers

Objectives:This business plan has been framed with the objective of maximizing the revenue of the firm by introducing a new line of pharmaceutical products. These products are in line with the Pharmaceutical regulations and are primarily proposed to cure a range of inflammatory problems and troubles.

Details of business plan proposal:

  • The production of these products shall start from 1ST June 2014 onwards, after all equipments needs and ingredients required are ready.
  • The medicines and drugs produced will be meant to provide relief in various inflammatory health concerns like Arthritis and Chronic Asthma etc.
  • The first batch shall be ready b 1st July 2014 and would be sent for testing.
  • The medicine composition has been researched and experimented by the topmost pharmaceutical experts of the company.
  • If the first batch is approved, the mass production shall begin soon thereafter.

Estimated cost of the project: $10000

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