Retail Pharmacy Business Proposal

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A retail pharmacy business proposal is a kind of a business proposal which is planned and prepared by a retail pharmacy company with the aim of bringing in more revenue and lifting the overall brand image of the retail company.  These business proposal is prepared by a company employee and is approved by the head or managing director of the business.

A retail pharmacy business proposal is a formal document which is framed with the aim of evaluating the negatives and positives and analyzing whether the proposal plan is practical for execution.

Sample Retail Pharmacy Business Proposal

Name of retail pharmacy Business Company: Rogers Pharma Company

Official company address: W-90, ground floor, peter’s tower, Jackson Street, New York, USA

Pharmacy business proposal prepared by: William Brooks (top executive, marketing department)

Proposal type: Business marketing proposal

Proposal submitted on: 1st May 2014

Proposal approved by: Peter Markson

Managing Director

Rogers Pharma Company

Proposal prepared with the aim of:

Increasing the revenue earned by the company through the means and methods of effective physical and social marketing. This plan is prepared with the aim of expanding the range of the company’s image and popularity beyond New York.

Details of the Marketing business plan:

  • The company shall be publishing one advertising article in 10 magazines which cover areas like New York, California, Ohio and Los Angeles.
  • The company shall be putting up hoardings of products and new product launches in all the above mentioned states in US.
  • The company shall be directing and producing a TV commercial which shall be aired all over US during TV shows.
  • The marketing project begins on 1st June 2014 and shall be in effect for 12 months of time period, after which the profitability shall be evaluated.

Estimated cost of the project: $50000

Estimated time to execute plans: 2 months, starting 1st June 2014

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