PhD Project Proposal

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A PhD project proposal solidifies the goal and scope of the project decided to be presented by an individual for his or her doctoral degree. It plays an important role; hence, it should be so constructed that it receives maximum appreciation and acceptance from the intended audience.

Sample PhD Project Proposal

University of California

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Department of Marine Technology                                         Date: 30th October 2011

Title: Energy Management by the Help of Marine Power System

PhD Research Project Proposal Prepared and Submitted By:  Jessica Albaz


Project Abstract:

Energy efficiency is turning out to be a global issue on the present days. Therefore, it is quite essential to conserve the non-renewable sources of energy efficiently and save it for future generation. Water is always an essential source of energy. It is also responsible for sustaining all forms of life on the earth. Hydro power is treated as one of the essential source for power generation. Energy management could be achieved by the use of Marine Power System designed with integrated circuits that would allow production of high power and for a large range of area.

Plans to be implemented:

  • Integrated circuits that can endure large flow of water and can be capable of producing high power generation would be employed within the Power System
  • Electric propulsion should be estimated by the use of high flexible electric room arrangement within the system.

Estimated Budget for the entire project: $345000 approximately

Time required for project completion: Maximum 2years

No proposal would be accepted after 15th November 2011

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