Physics Project Proposal

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Physics project proposal is being presented by the students or researchers of physics subject who intends to create project related to the particular subject. Therefore, such proposal should highlight its scope, objective and plans essentially in order to receive enormous response from the intended people.

Sample Physics Project Proposal

Evaluate the Security by the Help of a Low-Cost Metal Detector

Project Proposal presented by: Robert Lewis

Final year Student- Department of Physics

American University

Date of presenting the project proposal: 9Th March 2011

Project Abstract:

For the security purpose metal detector is essential equipment. It is being widely used in shopping malls, airports, offices etc to detect metallic devices. Therefore, due to its wide usability this equipment is very expensive. I have decided to build such a metal detector which would not only make alert coming in contact with metals but can also be developed within a low cost.

Salient Features of the Project which is to be accomplished:

  • A highly efficient detection transformer would be employed so that the detector could produce audible alarm and signal through light emitting diodes (LED) when coming in contact with the metals.
  • A stable multi vibrator should be wired along with the detector which can produce vibration in contact with heavy metals which are not easily detectable.
  • Integrated circuit design would be employed to achieve a stable detecting configuration

Estimated Budget for the project: $230

Maximum Time required: 6 months

Last date for accepting the proposal: 10th April 2011

Kindly accept the proposal within the above-mentioned date.

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