Pilot Project Proposal

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A pilot project proposal is basically a document that provides details of certain pilot programs which are actually test editions of some bigger programs. A number of organizations adopt this practice of launching a major agenda on a small scale, subject to a particular geographical area or a small group of customers, so as to conduct a trial process that would provide an estimate of the actual functioning of the program on a national scale based on client feedbacks.

Simple Project Proposal Template to Print

Simple Project Proposal Template to Print

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Simple Project Proposal Word Template to Edit

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Basic Proposal Outline in Word

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Sample Pilot Project Proposal

Name of the project: Renovating Kitchens

Company involved in conducting the project: Shaper’s Pvt. Ltd.

Date of signing the proposal: 16th June, 2011

Project proposed by: Miss Margaret Federar

Executive Head

Shaper’s Pvt. Ltd.

Project description:

The main product being piloted is the “kitchen chimney”, a hygienic innovation in the kitchen industry. It is primarily designed in a way to ensure efficient suction of oils and harmful vapours that might otherwise prove harmful to the health of the concerned person working there. However, the exceptional technology that makes it a favourable deal compared to its contemporaries in the market is the all new auto-clean oil-collector technology. That is, it has been designed so as to collect the oil in a container that is provided as a machine part and can be easily cleaned by the push of a switch, when needed.

Objectives of the pilot project:

  • To develop a community of users for this technology.
  • Collect detailed feedbacks regarding the impact of the technology, costing, strategic value of services, etc.
  • Conduct proper assessment of the respective area, available facilities and identify customer requirements so as to solidify the base of the project in the future, over larger project sites to garner higher profits.

Estimated Budget: $70000

Primary areas of implementation: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco.

Expected timeline for completion of project: 22nd May, 2012

Pamphlets, product hoardings, and all forms of media will advertise the pilot project.

We hope you’d respond at the earliest.

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