Plumbing Business Proposal

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A plumbing business proposal is a kind of a formal document which acts as a proposal for a client of a plumbing business company. These kinds of proposals are formed or formulated by senior executives of a plumbing business company and can either be accepted by the client or declined, depending upon his/her specifications, needs and requirements.

Such a document must be framed using formal language and should be effective enough for convincing the client. For your reference purpose, a sample of a plumbing business proposal has been provided below and this can be used by anyone.

Sample Plumbing Business Proposal:

Name of the plumbing business company: leak relief plumbing company

Address of the plumbing business company: r-90, first floor, Markson tower, Hardy Street, London, UK

Contact number: 4249309505

Proposal presented and framed by: William Jackson (Senior Business manager, Leak Relief Plumbing Company)

Proposal presented to:ReynoldsJohnson (Client)

Proposal presented on: 10th March 2014

Objective and aim:

This is a plumbing business proposal. Through this proposal, we wish to extend our reliable plumbing services to your home. We specialize in fixing leaks, installation of hardware and repairing any broken or damaged hardware products at your house. We offer 7 day on request services at reasonable one time rate.

Details of the proposal:

  • Leak Relief Plumbing Company shall be present for your home’s plumbing requirement from 9 am to 6 pm everyday and our workers are just a call away.
  • We shall be offering installation services, repair services and will be conducting monthly repair of all your hardware equipments of the house.
  • We would be charging a sum of just $500 per year and this would be a onetime payment, to be made before the commencement of services.
  • We charge just $30 for emergency services and make sure that you don’t have to face plumbing problems time and again.
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