Project Design Proposal

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A project design proposal is a document which provides the details of a project and information about its various components, analytic findings and the crucial procedures of conceiving a project work. Therefore, the design document must uphold the need and use of the project in order to create a bold project proposal.

Sample Project Design Proposal

Nature of project design: Academic (Geography) project

Name of the body presenting the proposal: Central Board of Higher Education

Proposal presented to: Zenith University

Name of the project for which project design proposal is given: Mungu Tribe Project

Objective of the design proposal: The project will be conducted as per design so that a complete, comprehensive and informational body of work about the Mungu tribes of South Africa can be established.

Date of commencement of project: 3rd October, 2012

Estimated time of completion: 3th November, 2012

Steps of protocol:

Step 1: An initial study of the tribe will be required to find out relevant information and plan the literature of the project.

Step 2: The introduction and conclusion of the project should be given comprehensively in not more than 200 words respectively.

Step 3: The project body should be prepared under the following main broad topics:

  • Geographical location
  • Climatic conditions
  • Crops grown
  • Marital customs
  • Metal ores used
  • Government policies

Estimated expenditure of the project: $600 per student

Utility of the proposal: This would serve unanswered questions and the information would be of interest for those who want to pursue the subject for higher education.

Last date of accepting proposal: 15th August, 2012

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