Project Manager Job Proposal

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Project Manager job Proposal, as the term clearly suggests, is a document that details the work profile of a candidate seeking employment as a Project manager in concerned firm. A project manager oversees the management, planning and implementation of a project which is required to be executed in a given span of time. He is generally the in-charge of a given short time project and is required to possess exceptional organizational and inter-personal skills and be self-driven at the same time. Thus he should cite his past work experience certificates, his skills in this particular area and include other required documents for this job profile.

Sample Project Manager Job Proposal

Name of the company referring to: Subfield Ad agency

Address: 12th Warton Street, New Orleans, USA.

Name of the proposal: proposal to work as project manager at Subfield Ad agency

Name of the Applicant: George W. Mathew

Date of submission of proposal: 18th September, 2014.

Purpose of the Proposal:

The purpose of the proposal is to showcase my talent and efficiency in handling the position of project manager. I have previously worked in reputed firms and renowned MNCs and have an extensive knowledge and experience in the field concerned. My dedication and hard work has been widely appreciated in the past and I would like to be considered for a personal interview in this regard.

Details of the proposal:

Qualification: I have graduated valedictorian in my bachelor’s studies for Business studies. I have also completed e my master’s degree in business Management from New York University   and have interned at Newman Corp. Org.

Experience: I have worked as project Head at Wisconsin Powers Pvt. Ltd.  for 3 years between 2007-2010 and as project Manager at  Sundance Org. between 2011-2013.

Skills: exceptional Management skill, good communication skill (both oral and written), ability to handle stressful situation and work for longer hours with ease.

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