Psychology Project Proposal

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Psychology project proposal is a document designed so as to conduct a project that would focus on the identification various psychological traits of a particular group, say of students, office employees, social workers, etc. The project will not just acknowledge but also be aimed at improving all those outlooks and features of psychology that do not complement the existence of a healthy society.

Sample Psychology Project Proposal

Project title: Healing minds.

Name of the organization undertaking the project: The United States University of Psychology and Applied Sciences.

This is a special psychology project aimed at performing a series of psychology tests on the trainees who have been chosen to be recruited in the crime investigation wing of the United States Police Force.

Primary objectives:

  • Such a project would ensure a thorough examination of all the candidates’ state of mind, as it is essentially important that those who would be responsible for safeguarding the society’s law and order by detecting crimes and eventually eliminating all possible sources of such outbursts should themselves be healthy mentally.
  • A psychology test would assess their attitude towards the various problems affecting the society and the possible measures to combat them.
  • It would also analyze their mood swings and patience levels which are essential for effective handling of the job.

Any flaws in the psychology test would be carefully focused on for complete and proper improvement so that no fault remains in the nature of the concerned individual in the future.

Estimated budget for the entire session: $65000

Time period: 5th August, 2011 – 15th October, 2011

Interested people are requested to kindly contact at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Miriam Gonzalez

Creative Head

The United States University of Psychology and Applied Sciences.

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