Renewable Energy Project Proposal

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Renewable energy project proposal is a document which enlists the modes by which such a project is to be actualized. It includes mention of key contingent factors like finance, operation, location, kind of unit etc. A renewable energy project is the product of collaboration and cooperation among different agencies and thus its proposal must be adequately researched.

Sample Renewable Energy Project Proposal

Name of renewable energy project: Generation of Electricity using Wind Power [GEWP]

Location: Sunderbans, West Bengal, India

Project coordinator: Wind Light Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal submitted by: Jason McKenzie, Head, Operations, Wind Light Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal submitted on: 1st January 2011

Nature of renewable energy project:

  • This project aims at generating power using sustainable and recyclable resources of energy like wind, solar energy and water.
  • The Sunderbans, the world’s largest mangrove forests, offer an excellent opportunity of harnessing the wind energy of the region. Being close to the seaside, the wind speeds generated here are sufficient to produce electricity which can then be used to light up the villages dotting the region.
  • This project is collaboration between Wind Light and the Government of India. The energy generated will be used for the production of electricity in the area.

Estimated budget for windmills and entire operational setup: $200000000

Funds: We have received significant grants from the government as well as channeling our own funds into the project.

Expected date of completion of the project setup: 1st 1anuary 2014

[Please see enclosed documents on the amount of electricity to be generated and its distribution]

For more information contact: 726746746

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