Risk Management Consultant Proposal

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Risk management consultant proposal is a type of a document which is used by risk management experts or consulting company to place their service offer in front of a client. The document is a proposal of services or consulting advice which the client can accept or reject on the basis of the terms laid down by the consulting company or the details mentioned in the proposal.

The client evaluates all the given points and then comes to the decision on the basis of his/her risk management requirement. For your help, a detailed example of a risk management consulting proposal is provided below.

Sample Risk Management Consultant Proposal

Name of risk Management Company: Brooks consulting services

Address: A8, first floor, modern building, J complex, London

Contact number: 47395757035

Proposal prepared by: ReynoldsDarwin (senior consultant, Brooks Consulting services)

Proposal presented to: Jack Dawson (Dawson International Supplies, Owner)

Contact number of client: 43808905055

Proposal submitted on: 23rd April 2014

Objective of proposal

Every company needs risk management, advice on risk management and effective prevention of risk situations. We, at Brooks Consulting Services specialize in all of these services and outsource our consultants for providing these services to other business firms. Through this proposal, we would like to extend our hand of services and hope that you will accept it on the basis of the following given details.

Proposed services:

  • Brooks Consulting services will be employing 3 consultants for risk management of your organization, on the basis of the size of your company. If you need more consultants, you can place your request at the time of contract formation.
  • These consultants will study and research the history of the company and will provide details of the possible risks faced.
  • They will then devise strategies to overcome the risk situations and secure the enterprise from threats.
  • Total charge expected: $6000
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