Risk Management Plan Proposal

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A risk management plan proposal is a kind of a proposal which is framed by a company or its risk managers to propose a plan or strategy to manage risk in the best possible way and to prevent risk situations.

These proposals set forth a plan for effective handling of risk situations so as to avoid any kind of loss. Such proposals must be framed using a formal format and tone and are generally sent to higher authorities of a company for their consent. A sample of a risk management plan proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample Risk Management Plan Proposal

Name of the company: Henderson Company private limited

Name of the company owner: John Henderson

Address of the company: 4793, timothy street, Bill avenue, London

Contact number of the company: 470303055, 470935095

Proposal presented and designed by: Greg Black

Business manager, Henderson company private limited

Proposal presented to: John Henderson, owner

Proposal presented on: 18th May 2014

Proposal submitted on: 19th May 2014

Proposal objective:

To set forth an effective risk management plan so as to help the company handle and manage risk situations better and to be able to maximize the preventive measures of risk situations.

Risk management idea:

Identification of risk-we need to strengthen our risk management team that can identify possible risk situations so that we can be ready to deal with them. We need to hire actuaries for this purpose.

Assessment of risk-we need to find better tools and financial methods with the help of the hired actuaries to assess the risk better and see whether or not it is really of any major consequence to us.

Prioritization of risk-we need to prioritize all risks relevant and then handle the one with maximum threat first, followed by others.

Estimated cost of risk management plan: $5000

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