Security Agency Business Proposal

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A security agency business proposal is one that is drafted and provided by a security agency. The proposal has all the details of the security being provided by the security agency including the financial information.

Apart from this the proposal has many other vital information such as number of security guards being provided, type of security systems provided and other quality parameters. Given below is a sample security agency business proposal which provides a better idea about the same.

Sample Security Agency Business Proposal

Name of the business firm: Systematic Security Agency Pvt. Ltd

Address: #6, Hertzberg, Hampshire, London, and EQ55

Business Plan Proposal prepared on: 17th November, 2014

Proposal prepared by: Anthony P Salves

Vice President – Business Development

Systematic Security Agency Pvt. Ltd

Proposal submitted on: 25th November, 2014

Proposal signed and approved by: Steve Gomes

Chief Executive Officer

Systematic Security Agency Pvt. Ltd

About Us :

Systematic Security Agency Pvt. Ltd is a company started by an ex-army person Mr. Steve Gomes the CEO of our company. With his expertise and experience in training army officials for over fifteen years, we are proud to offer world class security services to our clients.

Purpose: The primary purpose of framing this business plan proposal is help clients become worry free with regard to safety and security of their premises and also extend support through good customer service at all times.

Details of business plan proposal:

  • Assessing the security requirements of the client by undertaking detailed evaluation of the building and the number of employees working in the company.
  • Providing security systems which include CCTV cameras, fire alarms, and burglar alarms at vital points in the premises of the client.
  • Providing certified and trained security guards who are equipped with guns and are capable of defending any dire circumstances with their physical stamina and good presence of mind.
  • Providing quarterly evaluation of the security guards and systems provided and offering cost free replacement of both the services if necessary.

Estimated cost of the project: 40000 pounds

Proposal costs: 25,000 pounds

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