Employment Agency Proposal

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A kind of a formally drafted proposal which is made within an employment agency so as to propose a certain new activity or improvement is known as an employment agency proposal. Such a proposal is generally framed by a senior or junior level executive in an employment agency and is sent to the highest level authority with the hope that the proposal is accepted. The format must be kept professional so that the proposal looks convincing. Given below is one such sample of an employment agency proposal.

Sample Employment Agency Proposal:

Name of the employment agency: Brooks Employment Agency

Address of the employment agency: A-34, Parker Street, green side avenue, Pittsburgh, London

Proposal prepared by: Sarah Dave Marshall, Senior Business Manager, Brooks Employment Agency

Proposal Presented to: Mr. Peter Brooks, Owner at Brooks Employment Agency

Proposal presented on: 19th Sep 2014

Proposal approved on: 21st Sep 2014

Objective of the proposal:

Brooks Employment Agency has been doing a good job for the past 5 years of its existence but it now needs to take certain steps to move forward more rigorously and this will need a change in certain practices. We must expand our business so as to gain more profit and result in more number of employments.

Proposal Details:

  • Firstly, we need to tie up with more number of colleges and universities and hold more employment seminars across these institutions to attract more number of clients.
  • We must also get in touch with more companies and organizations so as to ensure better jobs and more employment possibilities for our clients.
  • We need to work on our marketing skills and strategies for which we must immediately hold a meeting to discuss important flaws in the department.

Total estimated cost of proposed project: $20000

Expected time frame for results to show: 1 year

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