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A proposal is a plan or suggestion, often made in the form of a written document, that is presented to someone with the intention of persuading them to accept or support the idea being proposed. Proposals can be made for a variety of purposes, such as in business, research, or politics. They often include an introduction to the proposed idea, a description of the need or problem that it addresses, and a plan for how the proposal would be implemented. The goal of a proposal is to present a clear, well-reasoned case for why the idea being proposed is worth considering and supporting.
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A website proposal letter is one which is usually written by a website development company or an organization dealing with such matters to a company which requires the creation of a new website. Such a letter is written before a formal tender or application, and introduces the website company’s plans and accreditations. It must thus be written well. Sample Website Proposal Letter To Robert Rogers, Chief Creative Director Lifestyle Magazine New York Subject: Creation of a new website for Life...
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A website project proposal is a document which outlines the plans by which a website will be created, improved and operated on a daily basis. It must factor in important considerations like budget, operation systems; content etc. a website project proposal is a valuable document which must be framed properly for it to serve as an important guide. Sample Website Project Proposal Name of the website: Kino’s Books at your Doorstep Website to be conceptualized created and designed by: Sarah Offl...