Website Proposal Letter

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A website proposal letter is one which is usually written by a website development company or an organization dealing with such matters to a company which requires the creation of a new website. Such a letter is written before a formal tender or application, and introduces the website company’s plans and accreditations. It must thus be written well.

Sample Website Proposal Letter


Robert Rogers, Chief Creative Director

Lifestyle Magazine

New York

Subject: Creation of a new website for Lifestyle Magazine

Respected Sir,

This letter indicates our willingness to participate in the creation and design of your new website for your esteemed magazine. We are a successful and reputed company with several notable website projects on our profile. We are sending this letter of introduction to you in response to the advertisement in your magazine in the September issue.

If our proposal is accepted we shall take about five months in completing the project. We have enclosed samples and presentations of how we visualize your website along with this letter. The website we will design will be an interactive one which will give your readers a chance to participate in a more involved manner with the vents of your company. The estimated cost of the total project will be around 50000USD and our rates are reasonable considering the kind of quality we offer to our clients.

We hope to hear from you soon. Please contact us at 847765436 or 2346756. Our email id is Thanking you,

Jason Heines

Managing Director

Starweb Pvt. Ltd.

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