Thesis Project Proposal

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A thesis project proposal articulates how an individual’s research fits into larger conversation of the research in same topic. This represents how the particular research work would contribute to the specific field and the plans to accomplish the research objectives.

Sample Thesis Project Proposal

Title of the thesis: Development of transgenic plants by incorporating foreign genes through genetic engineering.

Thesis project proposal presented to: The faculty of school of genetic engineering and biological science, University of California.

Thesis project proposal presented by: Thomas Phull

Date of presenting proposal: 1st January 2011

Overview of the proposal purpose:

This proposal is being presented to “The Faculty of School of genetic engineering and Biological Science, University of California” with an intention to request the concerned authority to give permission for utilizing the genetic engineering labs and machineries for implementing the particular thesis project successfully. I believe this thesis project of mine would contribute enormously on the field of genetic engineering research on plants.

Plans for executing the thesis project:

  • Genes that could bring advancement and can contribute significantly for production of utilizable plant products would be utilized.
  • Targeted specimen for the particular job would be the unproductive plants.
  • Planning a strategic way for increasing the production of already existing transgenic plants so that it could benefit the society largely.

Duration for accomplishing the project work: Maximum of 2 years

Last date for accepting the proposal: 5th May 2011

Kindly consider my proposal before the above mentioned date so that I could precede further research on this project successfully.


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