Undergraduate Project Proposal

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Undergraduate project proposal is presented by an undergraduate student to the authority of the university to facilitate the idea of the project for its smooth completion. This kind of proposal should highlight the scope, purpose and plans of the project in details in order to receive acceptance.

Sample Undergraduate Project proposal

Title of the proposal: Evaluation of web browser security

Proposal submitted: Chan Lee

Final year-Computer Science Engineering

University of Virginia

Date: Sunday, 4th January 2011

Overview of the project:

Web browsers allow the internet users to access throughout the World Wide Web. These days various kinds of transactions also take place by the help of the World Wide Web which includes shopping, banking, communication etc. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate from time to time the security of the web browser an individual is using. By evaluating various interface design of the web browser, the security applications of the browsers could be modified and it can offer more security to the users.

The process of evaluation implemented in this project will provide detailed information in order to facilitate advance security interface so that the users does not miss out any security alerts and can take proper action.

Plans for implementing the project:

  • Test users needed to be gathered with different ability of computing
  • A platform is needed to be set which has JAVA test application in its background.

Timeline for the project: Entire final year

Estimated Budget: $2500 approximately

Last date for proposal acceptance: 4th March 2011

Kindly accept the proposal as early as possible so that I could proceed with my project work.

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