Video Project Proposal

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A video project proposal clearly deals with the working of a project that has some video as its main theme. It would provide information regarding the title, cast and crew members, director, editor, light, sound, camera and many other minimum factors required for producing a basic video. The proposal thus demands accuracy and a lucid presentation.

Sample Video Project Proposal

Name of project: Living with your family.

Organization undertaking the project: Big Movies Corporations.

Date of proposal: 23rd May, 2011

Proposal signed by: Mr. Vivian Samuel

Developmental Head of the Project

Big Movies Corporations

Objective of the proposal: The project focuses on presenting a video on family values and existing family bonds. It would explore all relationships that exist in a family and tips to respect such family ties and the proposal would provide a detailed overview of the concept.

Details of the project:

  • The video, at its very inception, would deal with the present scenario wherein there exist various types of family, such as the nuclear, co-provider or single parent families.
  • Although a short video, it would explore the various problems that have crept in most families and would also suggest ways to solve them and live with everyone together.
  • The approach of the video would be that of story-telling, through which various family aspects will be brought up and explained in an easy manner.
  • The video will serve as a social eye-opener that would be shown from such perspectives as would help individuals realize the worth of families and act accordingly to preserve them.

Estimated budget: $25000

Date of commencement of project: 6th July, 2011

Kindly note that no responses to the proposal will be entertained at a later date. Please contact at the earliest.

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