Wedding Event Proposal

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A wedding event proposal is a document which outlines the various events of a planned wedding occasion. It covers areas like number of guests, location, timings, arrangements of food and beverage etc. A wedding event proposal can be prepared by a wedding planner and presented to the bride or groom for an initial assessment.

Sample Wedding Event Proposal

Proposal for the wedding of Mark James and Sandra Roberts

Proposal prepared by: June Ray

Date: 4th June, 2011

Location: Christ Church Grounds, 67B Madison Avenue, New York

Number of guests expected to arrive: 200


  • Actual ceremony: 12 noon
  • Lunch: 2pm
  • Bride’s farewell: 3 30 pm


  • The decoration of the location including arrangement of seating space will be done by Messrs. Le Bouffant and Sons.
  • Seating arrangements will be provide for 200 guests.
  • For lunch, tables of five shall be set up with place cards given to guests as they enter the lunch hall.
  • We have chosen to use white as the dominant color for the wedding as it symbolizes purity and is the most apt color for a Christian wedding.
  • The flowers to be used shall be orchids and sprigs of carnations shall also be provided for guests.

Food and beverage: Food and beverage shall be supplied by The French Loaf, a chain of specialty caterers whose skill lies in theme weddings.

Approximate budget including the wedding planner’s fees: $ 10000 [see attached slide presentation for images of test runs.]

Contact for further details: 374736535

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