Witty Wedding Proposal

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A witty wedding proposal is one in which the emotions and love one feels for the object of affections is conveyed in a witty manner. It takes a great deal of sense of humor on part of the proposer to think up a witty wedding proposal. But it can be welcome change from the more overwrought and lachrymose wedding proposals which are the norm.

Sample Witty Wedding Proposal

Dear Jane,

I hope I have not delayed too much and there is still some hope of gaining your affections. I love you and have always loved you. But the sheer bulk of your two brothers are hardly what can be called encouraging for a man like me, who can only be described as petite. However, having got over my fear of permanently dislocated bones, here I am, proposing to you and asking for your hand in marriage.

We can have a lavish wedding if you want, provided you are content to remain in poverty and squalor for the rest of your lives. Or we can have a simple, quiet wedding with only close friends and family in attendance if poverty doesn’t appeal to your fine sensibilities. Whatever the case may be, I do hope you will marry me and I am also banking on your undeniable charm to keep your brothers at bay.

I don’t suppose that you shall be jumping with joy at the prospect of marrying me, so I am wisely offering you the duration of three days to let the news sink in. but do hurry up as while you are pondering, I am living in mortal terror!



Date: 18th August 2011

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