Academic Project Proposal

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Academic project proposal is presented by a student or researcher proposing the need of a project within a particular academic discipline. Academic project always requires thorough research work and better understanding of the subject based on which the project is being designed. This few aspects help the proposal to gain both importance and acceptance.

Sample Academic Project Proposal

Development of Bio-Degradable Plastics from Potato Peels

Project proposal developed and prepared by: Irina Gonzalvas

Researcher- Department of Waste Management Technology

University of Houston

Date of presenting the proposal: 5th August 2011

Overview of the project:

Potatoes are essentially high starch containing vegetable. This could be used for manufacturing bio-degradable plastics. Need of bio-degradable plastics are increasing because the polythene plastics are considered to be causing environmental effects due to its non degradable property.

These bio-degradable plastics are being made out of thrown out potato peels and by using acetic acid and glycerin up to a certain level. There is a strong intention to implement its use by huge production through this procedure.

Intended people:

This proposal is being presented to those institutes working on waste management technology with a request of providing a minimum amount of aid for facilitating the project use on a large scale.

Estimated Budget for the production of Bio-degradable plastics: $23500 approximately.

Time required for its completion: Maximum 6 months

Last date for accepting the proposal: 19th August 2011

We all are looking for a better future then why not to start managing our household waste first. Kindly make this project a success by accepting it.

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