Advertising Business Proposal

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An advertising business proposal is a concise layout of a marketing plan prepared by a concerned advertising agency to be presented to a company or a corporation seeking for a project aimed at extensive or intensive advertising of a product or range of products of that business entity. There are pronounced commercial benefits that would accrue to both the parties by processing this advertising business proposal. The proposal contains the objectives of enacting it from a business platform. The proposal also has the particular work details that describe in brief the functional aspects to be considered at the time of processing it.

Sample Advertising Business Proposal

Name of the Company: Unique Dimensions Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 76A / 2N Holding Street, College Station, Texas, USA

Tenure of the proposal activity: 30 days (including weekends)

Name of the proposal designer: Mrs. Sandra Pollock

Price offered: $ 30, 000

The particular work details of the advertising business proposal:

  • Cleary indicating the marketing platforms in print and digital media where the goods and/or services of the concerned business entity would be advertised.
  • The specific strategies would be designed to showcase the product showcasing their unique features in a streamlined fashion.

The primary objectives of the advertising business proposal:

  • Helping the company to increase its clientele base and also maintaining the current pool of customers.
  • Establishing the brand value of the company in a more holistic fashion.
  • Building a mutually beneficial relation with the concerned company with strong commercial motives for both the parties.

Signature of the proposal coordinator: Mr. Ken Hurst

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