Research Advertising Proposal

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Research advertising proposal is an official document advertising a research work depicting its need, objective or for its promotion. Therefore, such a document should be constructed lucidly outlining the indispensable points to be advertised.

Sample Research Advertising Proposal

Advertising Proposal for Research Work

Title: Research on Anorexia nervosa

Proposal presented by: Institute of Neuro Science and Neurology

Proposal submitted on: 5th June 2011

Overview of Research:

Anorexia nervosa a self inflicted disease running rampantly in today’s society across the globe.  This is an eating disorder caused characterized by extreme fear of loss of body weight. Even this can lead to anxiety disorder depending upon the age. It is more common in female of the society and generally tends to begin from the age of teen to womanhood.

Even the rate of this disorder is high in white women who are career oriented and academic achievers. In order to inhibit this problem we are researching on its drugs and developing preventive ways for inhibiting this disorder.

Purpose of the proposal:

Advertising is medium through which a large number of people could be educated regarding this disorder.  We want a good advertising regulation of our research work through print and electronic media so that our objective could be understood by more people and we are successful in achieving response from patients suffering from this disease.

Total Budget estimated for regulation process of research work advertisement: $25000 approximately.

Last date of accepting the proposal: 25th June 2011

Kindly note that no proposal acceptance would be entertained after the above-mentioned date

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