Advertising Proposal Template

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An Advertising proposal template is the layout which presents the advertising proposal document. This kind of proposal should be so constructed that it could motivate large number of people to response on the content of the proposal.


Advertising Proposal Template

Name of the company _______________________________ [Mention the name of the company /organization whose product or any matter is to be advertised]


Name of the advertisement company _____________________ [mention the name of the advertisement who have taken the initiative of marketing through advertisement]


Name of the product/matter of the advertisement _________________________________________________ [Mention the name of the product or matter that is to be advertised]


Detail overview ____________________________________ [mention about the details that should be the feature of the advertisement]


Targeted Client for this advertisement __________________________ [mention who are the intended audience for the advertisement]


Theme of the advertisement _____________________________ [state the theme that is decided for the advertisement]


Any special or catchy lines _______________________ [mention if any special or catchy lines are given to make the advertisement more appealing]


Advertisement regulation ______________________________ [mention about the different media through which the advertisement would be circulated in order to draw the attention of the targeted client regarding the content of the advertisement]


Date of publishing the advertisement: _________________________ [mention the date on which the advertisement has been decided to publish]


Date of last approval ________________________ [(dd/mm/yy) mention the last date of advertisement proposal approval after which the proposal would not be accepted]


For further details regarding advertisement and marketing contact the undersigned person.


Contact Person signature ______________________

Contact number __________________


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