Architecture Design Proposal

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An architecture design proposal is a sample design of an architectural piece given to a building company. It is a detailed drawing of a construction plan that is given for execution of building plans successfully. Thus it must be conceived through detailed study of the plot, requirements and purpose of the building by a design technician.

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Sample Architecture Design Proposal

Architecture Design Proposal

Download Architecture Design Proposal

Name of the designing company: Mandarin Constructions

Year of establishment: 2007

Proposal given to: Merlin Real Estate Group

Nature of proposal: We have proposed a few designs and housing plans, considering the customers you have in mind and the appeal of the area, for the upcoming project in Merlin Hills due to commence on 4th November, 2011.

Utility of the proposed plans: The sketches through which the end product is being envisioned would accommodate all the convenient factors and luxurious components of upscale living so smoothly that there will be no need of extra labour or contracts for separate execution.

Design specifications:

  • The flats are modelled internationally on an area of 4000 square feet with high ceilings and open windows.
  • The houses are made eco-friendly by following the Green House Plans.

Range of experience: We have designed buildings of different segments like shopping arcades, movie theatres, restaurants, villas, flats and hospitals.


  • We use contemporary designs by adapting Saudi Arabic architecture into our culture and requirements to give a suitable yet outstanding architectural structure.
  • The plans we make are based on cutting edge technology and sophisticated material use, mainly glass and steel.

Last date of acceptance: 4th December, 2011


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