Bank Funding Proposal

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Bank funding proposal is an effective tool for requesting funds from bank in order to finance a business, project, research work etc. This kind of proposals should be so framed that it could motivate the bank authority and can prove the true worth of the intention depicted in it.

Sample Bank Funding Proposal

Proposal by: Dennis Richards

Owner of Gipsy shoes


Proposal made for: Richard Gee

Fund Sanction Manager

States Federal Bank


Objective of the proposal:

We are a small shoe brand operating for last 7 years but want to expand our business now in order to achieve a position in the market and gain a status with our ability.

Thereby, we are planning to set up a building for manufacturing high quality shoes and plan to increase the employees for this purpose as well. Even, we are keen in adapting new technology for manufacturing shoes and earning a good reputation in the market by satisfying our customers.

Total cost estimated: $45000 approximately has been estimated as the total cost of the recent plan, which includes construction of the building, purchase of new machineries, salary of the employees and other marketing cost.

Requesting for the funds of $30000

Approximate time estimated for completing the entire plan successfully: 9 months

Last date of proposal acceptance: 7th July 2011

Kindly note that we need the fund before the above mentioned date so that we could start working on our project as soon as possible and earn a good name in the market by satisfying the clients and customers with our services and products.

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