Funding Proposal Format

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A Funding proposal format is a guideline to approach corporate or government sources for funding of a project or an enterprise, because the granting of money depends on the wording and impressiveness of the format, it must be carefully written and efforts should be made to make it comprehensive.

Sample Funding Proposal Format

Nature of project:

Date of submission of proposal:

Company: (Mention the relevant details)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a funding proposal must give a brief outline of the nature of the project for which funding is being sought. It must clearly outline the benefits of the same in order to secure funding. Details of the project, including the methods to implement it, must be given to ensure transparency and to provide a basis on which the utility and scope of the project might be judged.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of a funding proposal must get down to business. The issue of funding must be discussed at length including the need for external funding, capital already accrued and the participation of other funding agencies. This section is extremely crucial as the nitty-gritty of the project cost is discussed.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph of a funding proposal must provide a fitting conclusion to the project by outlining the importance of being granted funds by established government or corporate agencies. The value of having the name of such a company or organization must be stressed in order to acquire legitimacy and credibility.

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