Micro Finance Funding Proposal

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A microfinance funding proposal is a document which contains a well thought out plan for the equipping of impoverished and financially insecure individuals with enough capital to start their projects, and flourish. Thus, it is a noble endeavor to which an application must be made, detailing the financial status of the individual and other such details. A microfinance funding proposal must be backed up by adequate data.

Sample Micro Finance Funding Proposal:

Microfinance funding proposal presented to: AMI Bank

Microfinance funding proposal presented by: Jonathan Culler

Date of submission of microfinance funding proposal: 22nd December 2011

Amount of loan needed: 300,000USD

Nature of loan needed: Farming Initiative Loan [FIL]

Purpose of microfinance funding proposal:

  • This proposal seeks the acceptance of my request for a microfinance loan as I wish to start a farming initiative in Nevada, but do not possess the actual capital for it.
  • My vision and plans have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the state, as being “Green Friendly”.
  • I hope to encourage other workers in my area to switch to an economically and environmentally sustainable mode of farming, and living, and I hope that your esteemed bank shall consider my request for microfinance funding.
  • I have already brought the land for farming, but I need the capital for the expensive non-genetically mutated seeds, and other equipment.
  • I have no outstanding debts and my finances are transparent. Attached along with this document is an account of my current financial state.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Jonathan Culler

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