Best Wedding Proposal

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A best wedding proposal is one which conveys all the heartfelt emotions that accompany a wedding declaration. It must be devoid of all ornamentation and feelings must be conveyed. Best weeding proposals are also the simplest and the sentiments and affection must be kept in mind.

Sample Best Wedding Proposal

Dear Jane

I have always loved you, and this is the best moment to express my feelings. You have been so kind to me and your patience with my fumbling ways have inspired me no end. You are like my guardian angel, the light of my life. No matter where I go, what I do, it is your face that seems to follow me everywhere. You mean more to me than you could possibly realize and thus I want to marry you, keep you beside me so that we can grow old together and share every moment of our lives in harmony.

We can get married as soon as you say yes. I have been presumptuous enough to get licenses and all the necessary documents so that we can be one soon. We can get married at out favorite church of Green Steeple. This will be the best day of our lives; at least I can vouch for that. Oh for the day when you shall come walking down the aisle in all your wedding finery, looking like a dream!

I am waiting for your response. This is the most agonizing wait of my life and I wish that this day can go down as one of the best and most memorable days of both our lives.



Date: 12th April, 2011.

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