Bookkeeping Proposal

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A bookkeeping proposal is a document where a company specialising in bookkeeping services offers to take the responsibility of handling the bookkeeping tasks of another company. Sometimes a company has its own employees from the finance department to do bookkeeping work and sometimes they hire external services whose sole purpose s to offer services like data entry, verification of data, making monthly financial reports, payroll and so on in exchange for an amount per hour or per month. The bookkeeping proposal must include how the bookkeeping services will be beneficial to the company, the plan or methodology to be used for bookkeeping and the bill amount in return for the services.

Sample Bookkeeping Proposal:

Name of company: X&V Bookkeeping Services

Address: 39 Ragged View, Ohio

Bookkeeping proposal prepared on: February 12, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Will Miles

Bookkeeper, X&V Bookkeeping Services

Proposal submitted to: Thomas Means

Manager, Ross Garments Inc

Proposal submitted on: February 14, 2012

Proposal name: Offer to handle bookkeeping services

Purpose: The primary purpose of creating this proposal is to give a description of the number of bookkeeping services to be offered by the company and the payment amount

Details of Bookkeeping Proposal:

  • We provide special training on filing financial reports for $20 per hours
  • We offer full bookkeeping services including weekly data entry, monthly financial reports, accounts payable, accounts receivable etc for $30 per hour
  • We also offer payroll processing services for $25 per hour
  • We have the latest software which helps us to do bookkeeping tasks accurately and efficiently.
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