Bookkeeping Job Proposal

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Bookkeeping job proposal is drafted by a job seeker who wishes to get employed in the bookkeeping department of a company. Working in the bookkeeping department he is responsible for keeping a track record of the financial transactions of the firm, create proper reports of all the monetary transactions, maintain annual budget of the company and other very important tasks related to finances. He should prepare his proposal in gripping manner to attract his employer’s attention and include his past job records, his experience in this field and his skills in handling different financial works and decisions.

Sample bookkeeping job Proposal

Name of the Company applying to: Sunshine Ad ways Corp.

Address: 15th Broad Way Street, Baltimore, USA.

Name of the job Seeker: Maria Anthony.

Address: 21st Watson Street, New Orleans, USA.

Name of the proposal: proposal to seek a bookkeeping position at Sunshine Ad ways Corp.

Proposal prepared on: 15th august, 2014.

Proposal submitted on: 17th august, 2014.

Purpose of the proposal:

I have drafted this proposal to showcase my talent in handling finances and my efficiency in working in the bookkeeping department. I have previously worked in two MNCs and my work and dedication have been praised throughout. I possess the required qualification and skills considered essential for this job profile.

Details of the Job proposal:

Qualification: I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from New York University and Have a master’s degree in Business Mathematics from Tufts University. In addition to this, I have also interned in Goldman Sachs and worked there as trainee for 6months in 2010.

Experience: I have worked for reputed MNCs such as New York International and Prada Garments and Styles for a few years and have thorough knowledge in handling finances of big firms.

Skills: good inter personal and communication skills, self-driven, efficient, ability to work for longer hours and deliver work in time.

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