Business Funding Proposal

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A business funding proposal gives a complete overview of the basic needs and demands of any organisation or individual seeking funds for some business venture. Lack of funds leads to the implementation of this proposal and it provides details of the business plan and the reason for the demand of the fund. Business funding proposal needs to be very specific and to the point and also should be as appealing as possible.


Sample Business Funding Proposal

Name of Organisation demanding the fund: Michigan Capitals Pvt. Ltd wants significant amount of funds for their upcoming business venture to open a chain of departmental stores in all parts of Michigan in order to expand their business.


Features to be highlighted in the Departmental Stores: These departmental stores will be one of its kinds with small provisions allotted for play stations. This facility will keep the kids engrossed while their mothers’ can shop.


Targeted Clients: Real estate and market investors who want to invest in this project are requested to contact us at www. Michigan Capitals Pvt.


Last Date of approving the proposal: 3, June, 2011.


Scheduled Date for Commencement of the Venture: 1st. August, 2011.


Cost expected for the Purpose: Approximately a fund of $5 million is calculated to carry out this massive project in a planned and well executed way for it to be a huge success at the end of five years.


Benefit of the Investors: The investors will get each a share of five percent in the profit of the venture and a full money return at the end of ten years after the start of the business.


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