Capital Funding Proposal

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A capital funding proposal is placed as a request for investment to aid in a business’s growth. It should be prepared by a professional person with a strong base in business management as it must be written by precisely adding the valid reasons and advantages of investing for the concerned business. Thus the tone of the proposal should be positive and persuasive.

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Sample Capital Funding Proposal

Capital Funding Proposal

Download Capital Funding Proposal

Name of the agency: Julian Moore Salon

Nature of business: The parlour will dispatch services from simple hair cutting to spas and massages for both men and women.

Proposal given to: Elizabeth Garner Cosmetic Line

Proposal interface: We are looking for a reliable fund source for starting a parlour business in the city. Since you are a very well-known cosmetic brand featuring the most stylish women as your brand ambassadors, we would want you to make capital investments for our business and make it reach the zenith.

Advantages of the proposal:

  • The financial returns from our business would be significantly high given the fact that our customer base would belong to the fashion world mainly.
  • The growth potential of the business is strong as we plan to open a few more branches soon after launching this salon.
  • We have a team of highly qualified and trained beauty experts ready to supervise their respective fields of work with the help of modern technologies.

Specialization in:

  • Facials
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Hair styling
  • Spa treatment
  • Body polishing

Tentative initial expense: $1, 00, 000

Last date of accepting the proposal: 28th August, 2011

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