Business Job Proposal

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A business job proposal is a document which is written by a person who is proposing a business related job to a prospective employer. The proposal must state the candidate’s skills, educational details and qualifications and the reason why he/she is suitable for the job. The proposal must also include the kinds of duties the candidate proposes to perform, if hired at the business company. A sample of a business job proposal is given below and can be used by any one for reference.

Sample business job proposal

Name of Applicant: Fred Andrews

Residential address: D-56, fifth floor, Moonlight building, London, UK

Mobile number: 405804805

Age: 27 years

Gender: male

Proposal presented to: Greg Brooks, HR Manager at Mathew Business Company

Proposal presented on: 17th March 2014

Proposal objective:

I propose to work as a junior marketing manager at your prestigious company on a yearly contractual basis and am writing this business job proposal to offer you my services, dedication, time and hardwork.

About Me:

I am an experience, knowledgeable and extremely hardworking individual who satisfies all the educational requirements and skill requirements needed for this job.

Educational Qualifications:

I completed my bachelors in Business Management from Liverpool University and have also pursued MBA from Leeds University. I can use these qualifications to excel at the position of a junior marketing manager.

Skills and areas of expertise:

I have good marketing abilities, excellent communication skills and an innate passion for business development and growth.  I possess strong computer skills and leadership qualities which can help me at this job position

Work experience:

I have worked as an assistant to marketing manager at Brown Inc. for a period of 1 year and have gained tremendous exposure in the field of marketing.

If hired, I shall bring energy, activeness, creativity and diligence to your company.


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