Job Contract Proposal

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A job contract proposal is one which is proposed by an employer and accepted by one who is taking up the job. The proposal entails all the information pertaining to the job contract and the terms thereto which make the job contract valid. The job contract proposal should set out all the conditions necessary to be fulfilled for obtaining employment by the job seeker. The job seeker has to accept the proposal for the job contract to become legally binding between both the parties.

Sample Job contract proposal

Name of the candidate – Mr. Anderson Garry

Address of the candidate – #6, Mountain Ash, Mid Glamorgan, London, CF45

Contact number of the candidate – 022-033-0444

Email address of the candidate –

Purpose of Job Contract proposal :– Proposal of job to candidate after attending interview

Terms and conditions of job contract proposal :-

The terms and conditions specified here under are subject to change during any time of employment of the candidate without prior intimation.

  1. This is only a proposal for the job that is being offered by the company and not a contract or assurance in any way for employment.

  2. The job proposal is for the position of senior manager likely to be posted at Cheshire State in London at present. The candidate should be willing to relocate and work at any of the branches of the company at any point of time.

  3. The candidate is required to put in a minimum of 44 hours of work in the said position per week mandatorily.

  4. The candidate will be paid according to the industry standards and also on satisfactory review of skills and knowledge to handle the position.

  5. The candidate is not eligible for any other compensation from the company other than the salary stipulated when hiring though the candidate will be given a fair chance to get promoted or hike in salary.

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