Charity Lunch Proposal

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A charity lunch proposal is an official invitation request from a charity organization holding a sympathy luncheon. It states the objective of the proposal and the way it is supposed to benefit a certain section of the society. Hence the details provided in the document are to be framed after ensuring that it would be naturally convincing and worthy of consideration.

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Sample Charity Lunch Proposal

Charity Lunch Proposal

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Name of the charity organization: Happy Club

Year of foundation:  1966

Nature of proposal: Charity lunch

Proposal given to: Usher Children’s’ Home

Proposal given by: Halle Primrose, President of the Club

Proposal submitted on: 8th September, 2011

Event details:

Date of event: 5th October, 2011

Venue: Grand Hall, Umbrella Avenue, US

Time: 1 pm to 3 pm

Method of working: We organize cultural functions and painting or handicraft exhibitions where the socially backward class take part to showcase their talent. We also hold luncheon programs where these people are invited to indulge themselves in lavish courses.

Aim:  This charity lunch is planned for the recreation and enjoyment of the not-so-lucky children who are deprived of food and nutrition. We wish to conduct a grand ala carte menu for them so that they do not feel abandoned in the society.

Highlight of the event: We have invited a special guest on this occasion. He is very popular among kids for his art show. We hope that this special visitor would make a huge difference to their experience.

Funding: We have got a financial approval from York Bankers who is volunteering to bear the entire cost of the charity lunch.

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