Charity Request Proposal

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Charity request proposal is a document that is raised by the charity in order to obtain certain grants that is offered by certain government departments, foundations or other private organizations. The charity request proposal document should start with developing an idea, plans about its accomplishment and the cost. It is important to make sure that the charity request proposal has the required documents that the funding source would request for.

Sample Charity Request Proposal

Data of Submission of Request Proposal: 11th May 2012

Request Proposal prepared by: National Alliance for Charity

Request Proposal submitted to:  CNP Organization

Objective of the proposal: To nominate a charity that serves children.

Highlights of the organization

  • Our organization strives to support the community in which we live by providing funds to small organizations that have a direct impact on charities.
  • National Alliance for Charity distributes funds to local non-profit organizations whose emphasis is to benefit children.
  • We intend to improve the lives of the children who are in need either financially or through in-kind donations.
  • We raise and distribute funds through fun events, individual contributions, and by other means of fund-raising activities.
  • We are in need of one charitable organization to which we can provide our support.
  • To nominate a charity it should be a non-profit organization and must serve children and a recommendation letter from person who is employed at a government agency.
  • The materials that needs to submitted are: a letter of recommendation, cover letter about organization, overview of fund consideration and annual budget.

Timeline: The date for selecting the nominee would be 15th May 2012 and estimated time to complete other formalities required for registration of the selected nominee would be a month from the date of selection.

Financial Assistance: The selected organization will be provided up to $15,000 for a three-year grant period.

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