Commercial Office Lease Proposal

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A commercial office lease proposal is a kind of a proposal that is framed by a person to propose a lease arrangement of a commercial office or office space.

The proposal must be framed to suggest the lease details and to ask the recipient to agree to them in return for certain benefits and advantages. The proposal must sound convincing to the recipient to accept it. A sample of a commercial office lease proposal is given below and can be used as a reference proposal by anyone.

Sample Commercial Office Lease Proposal

Proposal presented by: Miss Kelly Anderson

Address of the proposal presenter: 345, Darwin road, Putney Bridge, London

Contact number of the proposal presented: 47034940, 403850550

Proposal presented to: John Mathews, Commercial office property owner

Proposal presented on: 10th June 2014

Proposal approved on: 15th June 2014

Commercial office property details:

Address: D-45, Williams’s corporate tower, London

Lease time: 1 year

Lease per month amount: $600

Objective of proposal

I, Kelly Anderson am the business owner of a retail fashion store and am looking for a commercial space to start my business activities.   I propose to use your commercial property as my office space on lease for a period of 1 year in return for $600 lease payment per month.

Details of the proposal

  • I agree to all the terms that you have set forth in your lease advertisement and am willing to pay the above said amount on the 1st day of each month for the effective term of the arrangement.
  • I am willing to move in immediately and will be working with a 10 men workforce.
  • I agree not to use the office space for any activity other than commercial and am a responsible tenant.
  • You will be most welcome to inspect the space whenever you wish to.
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