Vehicle Lease Proposal

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A vehicle lease proposal is a kind of a proposal which proposes the rental or lease of a vehicle. These proposals are framed by those who wish to use a vehicle on lease and are sent to those who own vehicles that are put on lease.

A vehicle lease proposal must be drafted formally and should include a good and convincing statement which makes the proposal strong. A sample of a vehicle lease proposal is give below and can be used by anyone for reference.

Sample Vehicle Lease Proposal

Objective statement

This is a vehicle lease proposal which I am framing to request you to lease me your vehicle for a fixed period of time and in return for a lease payment.

Name of proposal presenter: Peter Brown

Address of the proposal presenter: D-56, Timothy Street, Mathew block, New York

Contact number of proposal presenter: 47037054

Proposal presented on: 5th May 2014

Proposal presented to: Billy Jones, owner of vehicle

Proposal status: not approved yet

About the proposal presenter:

I am a single male living in New York and work as a junior marketing manager at Vodafone. I am looking for a vehicle on rent for 6 months. I promise to pay the rent on time and use the vehicle with the maximum care.

Details of proposal:

  • I will be paying the lease payment on a monthly basis and agree to pay the rent of $300 in the first week of each month.
  • I am a responsible driver with professional training and will take care of the vehicle by maintaining it, servicing it and keeping it within the city.
  • I am ready to sign a formal legally binding contract to seal the terms of the lease, if you approve this proposal and choose me as a lessee for the vehicle.
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