Construction Financial Proposal

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Any proposal which is prepared or formed by a construction company in order to discuss a financial project or with the aim of improving the financial condition of the company can be referred to as a construction financial proposal.

Any such proposal is mostly framed by a financial expert and a senior level financial employee and is directed towards an even higher level position holder in the construction firm. The proposal discusses the solution and is a formal document. For your reference, given below is a detailed sample of a construction financial proposal.

Sample Construction Financial Proposal

Name of Construction Company: City builders and constructors

Address of the company: 4-p, ground floor, modern center, London

Contact number of company: 720947305

Proposal prepared and presented by: Peter Hemingway

Vice President Finance, City Builders and constructors

Proposal presented on: 10th March 2014

Proposal presented to: Jack White

Owner, City Builders and constructors

Objective of finance proposal

The company needs improved financial management. For this purpose, the finance department needs improved workforce and more experienced financial managers who can conduct effective financial analysis and help the construction company in resolving its financial issues. The construction company also needs better financing from strong sources.

Details of construction financial proposal:

  • The construction company needs to hire atleast 3 more financial managers and 5 finance and accounting experts to add to the finance department workforce.
  • The company also needs to research on better financial sources and for this too the help of experience financial employees is needed.
  • For better profits, the company will need to raise its service and construction costs by atleast 10% to reach the desired monthly goals and targets.
  • Investments need to be raised for better future results and revenues.

Estimated cost of financial strategies and plans: $20000

Estimated time of execution of financial plans: 1 year

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