Furnace Construction Proposal

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Furnace construction proposal is presented by a furnace construction company to its prospective clients or customers stating the need of building a furnace and its advantages. Such a document should be prepared with utmost efficiency and with inclusion of specialized points so that it get maximum acceptance from targeted people.

Sample Furnace Construction Proposal

Furnace Construction Proposal for Basilar Ltd.

Name of the furnace construction agency: Freckle Furnace Construction and Designing Co.

Proposal presented by: Nathalie Constar

Furnace Construction Plan Coordinator-Team Lead

Proposal submitted on: 5th July 2011

About us:

Freckle Furnace Construction and Designing Co., set up in 1996, is proficient in providing extensive and specialized furnace designs and controls to various industries. With a team of 86 proficient furnace engineering designers, we assured guaranteed and quality designing to our clients. Recently, apart from furnace, we have also expanded our business in building high temperature kilns for industry uses.

Objective of the proposal:

We are putting forward our proposal with an intention to make a contract for constructing the specialized furnace of Basilar Ltd.

Work plan to be executed for this successful completion of this purpose:

  • Made efficient designing for two furnaces so that they can withstand high temperature <1800 C
  • A direct pipeline for salt bath would also be provided so that it can serve as a coolant for both the furnaces.
  • Small general purpose ovens will also be constructed in order to provide temporary heat for attaining ignition temperature.

Estimated Cost: $4500-$5000 approximately

Timeline: 7-9 months

Last date of proposal acceptance: 20th July 2011

Download Furnace Construction Proposal

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