Construction Management Proposal

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Most of the construction companies send construction management proposals to organizations who wish to undertake any construction project. This kind of construction management proposal should bring out the efficiency and past track records of the company thus making them reliable choice for the job.

Sample Construction Management Proposal

RWE Management Company
16 W 361 S. Frontage Rd. – Suite 106
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Phone: (630)-734-0883
Fax:    (630)-734-0884
E Fax:  (270)-682-0883

Date: 29. 08. 2010

Client: Mr. Adam Saunders

34 E 389 N, Front Ridge Road,

Rub Bridge, IL 33456

Phone – (630) – 234-5567

Subject: Construction of Pharmaceutical Retail Outlet

Introduction of the Company:

RWE Construction Management Company is a reputed construction company which specializes in construction of retail outlets. As constructed management is a team effort, with the best architects, engineers, sub contractors working together at this company, any project we undertake becomes a success.

Unique advantages of this company:

The Company provides the client with cost estimation input quite early. Subcontractors provide with a large range of price quotes which helps to choose the most competitive price. The paperwork is handled by qualified professionals which helps it flow quite smoothly. Regular meetings on the project are held weekly or bi-weekly.

References and Past Work:

Munster Pharmaceutical Store (New facility)
Munster, IN 46321
Owner: Won Han, DVM
Phone: 219/836-1073

Yorkville New Age Retail Chain
Yorkville, IL 60560
Owner: Jeremy Bushias, DVM
Phone: 630/469-7400
Owner: John Coyne, DVM
Phone: 708/567-6616

Burr Ridge Departmental Store
Darien, IL 60561
Owner: Brian Rooney, DVM
Phone: 630-986-0600


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