Construction Marketing Proposal

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A construction marketing proposal is a kind of a proposal which is prepared by a construction company so as to devise new construction business marketing plans and strategies. These proposals are formal proposals which lay down the details of the marketing plan, its execution strategy and the estimated cost that will be incurred by the company.

A construction marketing proposal is presented to the owner of the company by the marketing department. Given below is a sample of a construction marketing proposal which can be used for reference or help by anyone.

Sample Construction Marketing Proposal

Name of Construction Company: Kelly Anderson Construction Company

Address of the company: Will estate, 234, Parkinson’s avenue, New York, USA

Contact number of company: 4703550950

Proposal prepared and presented by: Andrew Mathews,

Senior marketing manager,

Kelly Anderson Construction Company

Proposal presented on: 1stMay 2014

Proposal presented to: Tom Radcliff,

Owner, Kelly Anderson Construction Company

Objective of marketing proposal:

In order to improve the company’s revenue and sales, there needs to be a drastic change in its marketing plans and strategies.  For this purpose, new marketing strategies need to be created and new marketing methods need to be adopted.

Details of marketing proposal for Construction Company:

  • The construction company has been concentrating on physical marketing methods like hoardings and banners but keeping in mind latest trends, social media marketing needs to be focused upon.
  • We need to employ social marketing experts and advertise the construction company through Google AdSense and other online marketing methods like blogs etc.
  • The company needs to work on its website to attract more customers and help hem avail services through online medium itself.
  • The company needs to invest in newspaper ads, magazine ads and construction company pamphlets for better promotion and advertising.

Estimated cost of marketing plan: $20000

Estimated time of execution: 1 year

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