Hotel Consultant Proposal

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A hotel consultant proposal is a kind of a proposal which is framed by a consulting company in order to make an offer to a hotel owner for providing consulting services. These kinds of proposals work like formal offers which lay down the details of the services and benefits that the consulting company can result in if hired.

After evaluation of the proposal, the hotel decides if it wants to hire the consulting agency or not and whether the proposed service is up to the expectations of the hotel owners or senior level executives. Given below is a sample of one such hotel consultant proposal which anyone can use for reference purpose.

Sample Hotel Consultant Proposal

Name of consulting company: Gregory Business consulting

Address of consulting company: Q-89, second floor, Bartens’ tower, Pull Street, London

Name of Hotel owner: Billy Mathews

Name of the hotel: Mathews International Hotel

Address of the hotel: 123, Pablo Street, London

Proposal prepared by: William Henderson

Vice president, Gregory Business consulting

Proposal presented to: Billy Mathews, Owner at Mathews International Hotel


Through this proposal, we put forth a consulting service offer, wherein we agree to provide you business consulting services for a period of 1 year in return for a fixed payment. Gregory Business consulting is a name which is known for excellent financial and business consulting for over 10 years.

Details of the proposal:

  • We shall be offering project consulting services, business consulting, financial consulting and even IT consulting if required in the package.
  • Whenever your Hotel needs consulting or advice, they would have to place a request which will be responded by our consultants within a period of 24 hours.
  • The total payment which we shall be expecting for 1 year of consulting is $7000.

If you agree to these details, kindly sign the copy of this proposal and send it back.

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