Education Policy Proposal

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An education policy proposal is an official document, issued by any particular educational institution or the higher education authority, declaring any new educational policy that the institution or institutions are to abide by. It must clearly state the new policy and the day from which it becomes effective. All the requirements and rules of the policy are also to be stated.

Sample Education Policy Proposal:

Education Policy Proposal

Proposal issued by: Mr. Barry Brown,

State Education Authority.

Date of submitting the proposal: 9th December 2011

Due to the declining standard of English learning in the Universities, the authority has decided to implement a new educational policy, which is to be made effective from the next academic session. All candidates (non native) seeking admission in any university, in any discipline, has to clear the TOEFL and IELTS examinations, with the following scores.

  • TOEFL paper based test, with a minimum marks of 500.
  • TOEFL computer based test with a minimum marks of 200
  • TOEFL web based test with a minimum marks of  70
  • IELTS test with a minimum score of 6.0

Apart from these general/minimum marks limitations, individual institutions can set up their own requirements, as per different courses, which may be higher than the above mentioned. The above policy is the minimum standard for any colleges or universities. The policy will be effective from the next academic session, that is, from 1st January 2012. The test results will be valid for two years, since the publication of the results. However, cases will be considered for students, whose results have come out last year. They will be admitted under the previous criteria.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 19th December 2011

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