Executive employment proposal

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An executive employment proposal is referred to that proposal which is made and presented by an employee of a company to suggest a certain manner of employment of all executive level workers or employees in the company.  The proposal must suggest all the details of the executive employment and must sound formal and professional both in tone and nature. The proposal must also consist of the names of both the sender and the recipient. A sample of an executive employment proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample Executive employment proposal:

Name of the company: Paul HendersonCorporation

Address of the company: Q-34, second floor, Jackson tower, J Street, London, USA

Proposal prepared and presented by: Mr. Peter Mathews, Senior HR Manager

Proposal Presented to: Mr. Greg Brooks, Vice Chairman

Proposal presented on: 13th Sep 2014

Proposal approved by: Jennifer Garner, HR Department Head

Proposal objective:

The executive level positions in this company are some of the highest level and important positions and the recruitment process for these positions must be made stricter. We must try to devise new ways to employ executive level employees in the company and for this; we must introduce a few more levels of difficulty. The following details will explain more about the same.

Proposal Details:

  • The employment process for an executive level employee must begin by receiving application, CV and cover letter.
  • All the applications must be carefully inspected and the shortlisted employees must be asked to go through a phone interview process.
  • After the phone interview, the best candidates can be called for the personal interview which must now consist of stricter technical and personal questions.
  • Employees must not be hired only to have a successful employment procedure but only if they truly deserve to be part of this great organization.


Peter Mathews


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