Employment Program Proposal

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An employment program proposal is a proposal which is made by a person to propose a certain employment program or project idea which can help individuals to be employed. These types of proposals are generally written within employment related agencies or governmental entities whose aim may be to devise methods to increase employment rate. The proposal must be formal and should give in detail what it aims to achieve. For your reference and help, a sample of an employment program proposal is given below and can be used for reference:

Sample Employment Program Proposal:

Proposal prepared and presented by: Mr. Henry Adams, Jackson Employment Agency Senior Manager

Proposal Presented to: Mr. Jack Dunhill, Chief In-Charge, Chicago National prison

Proposal presented on: 10th June 2014

Proposal approved by: Donna Jackson Owner, Jackson Employment agency

Address of agency: A-34, reading road, Chicago-5708, USA

Address of prison:  Westend 4th, Maddison lane, Chicago, USA

Proposal objective:

I, on behalf of Jackson Employment Agency of Chicago am writing this proposal to you to propose to offer employment to all those prisoners who are out on parole from your prison. We are willing to help them find both short term and long term jobs so that they keep occupied while on parole and are encouraged to make their life different from what it used to be in the prison.

If this proposal is accepted, we will work on the commission amount that we will be getting for each employment that we fix.

Proposal Details:

  • As and when a prisoner gets out of the prison on parole for atleast 3 or more than 3 months, we shall be offering them jobs in Chicago itself.
  • We will offer them a certain number of options, of which they can pick as per their capabilities skills and educational qualifications.
  • We assure you of 100% employment for each prisoner.
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