Film Business Proposal

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A film can also be considered as a product and like any other business; it also requires planning and investors. Therefore, a proper organized business proposal is required for depicting the mission and outlining the objectives behind it.

Sample Film Business Proposal

Name of the film production house: Green chill films

Prepared by: Davis kidman

Marketing Head –Green Chilli Films

Executive summary:

For last 10 years our production house is popular for producing films with varied substances ranging from melodrama to comedy. We have bagged three filmfare awards on best film category for consecutive four years. Last year our film was also nominated for International filmfare award.

Recently we are planning to produce action movies as well with best-known actors. We have a plan to implement modern equipments inorder to make the best action films of the millennium.

This would be entirely different from any other typical action movies rather it would be a combination of love and action both. So every kind of audience enjoys it.

Budget: The total budget of producing the first action film is $435,0000 approximately.

Marketing regulation: The first promotion event of the film would be conducted at various theaters, malls and various other places within the country. Moreover, channels and radio stations would present the first thriller in order to give the audience an idea about what we are coming up.

Last date of accepting the proposal for being a marketing partner is 14th July 2011

Release date of the film: 15th August 2011

Proposal acceptance would not be entertained after the last date.

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